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A highly transformational tool for personal empowerment

The Activations are done on a one on one basis in person or at a distance. It is a deeply personal process that will bring about changes for you under the loving guidance of your Higher Self.

Receive an Activation to:

  • Enhance your personal empowerment
  • Strengthen your connection to Source/God/Creator
  • Identify dysfunctional patterns and to strengthen functional ones
  • Heighten your intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience
  • Balance and support your body's self healing capacity
  • Enhance your process of moving out of limitation
  • Gain clarity about your life purpose
  • Clear, balance and align your chakras
  • Accelerate your ascension process
  • And much more...........

Artwork by Danny Hahlbom, www.inspired-art.com
How these activations came about......
The Activations are being brought forth by Chérie Haydon. On February 17, 2002 our beloved sister Chérie began to bring in and anchor these hightened energies. She has been working steadily in anchoring and stabilizing the energies. My blessings and love go out to Chérie for her selfless service to humankind.

The activations hold a higher vibration and are designed to assist you in attaining personal mastership, igniting a highly personal evolutionary process. Upon receiving your first activation you have the option to join a mailing list for support on your journey or receive personal coaching from your Teachings from the Heart Teacher Rev. Isabelle Faith for a small additional fee. The unfolding process will reveal how many activations you will need to fully manifest your spiritual potential.

The fee for an activation is US$ 50.00 Payment can be made with International Money Order or with PayPal.


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