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Himalayan Crystal Salt

One of The Greatest Re - Discoveries of Our Time Natural Crystal Salt - Salt for a Healthy and Energetic Life
Himalayan Crystal Salt The energy of the sun dried up the sea millions of years ago. Natural crystal salt has been exposed to enormous pressure inside the earth, which caused its special formation. The higher the pressure, the more perfect the crystalline structure becomes with its natural energy. Never having been subjected to pollution it remains absolutely pure. When adding high quality water, for example spring water, the crystal salt's energy is activated. This is called sole (so-lay) or brine.. Contrary to stone salt, the minerals and trace elements in crystal salt are bound in colloid form, which can be absorbed and assimilated into our bodies immediately.
Himalayan Crystal Salt
250g bag of Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt
CAD 6.50
250g bag of Himalayan Crystal Table Salt
CAD 6.50

500g bag of Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt
CAD 12.80

Himalayan Crystal Lamps & Tea Lights
Himalayan Crystal Lamp (2-2,5 kg)
CAD 49.90

Himalayan Crystal Tea Light (1-2 kg)
CAD 19.80

Himalayan Crystal Lamps and Tea Lights Enhance your living space with Crystal salt lamps and tea lights.

They emit negative ions when they are lit and are warming up, which is calming, relaxing to the spirit and invigorating to our space, revitalizing the air.

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Mail cheque or (International) Money order in CAD Funds made out to HEALING GARDEN MINISTRY to:
Rev. Isabelle Faith, 116 Woodfield Green SW, Calgary AB, T2W 3T9 Canada
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All Himalayan Crystal Salt Products offered by Angels' n Stuff are of highest quality, naturally harvested and are being shipped directly from the supplier.

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