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Reiki charged Silk Scarves
Treat yourself or a loved one to a unique Reiki healing scarf.
These wonderful, one of a kind hand dyed scarves set your spirit free. The vibrant colours flow and dance together in a crystallized effect that soothes the soul.

Wearing one of these delightful silk scarves will rejuvenate, and vitalize as well as calm and soothe your being by means of the balancing vibration of Reiki.

These wonderful one of a kind, hand dyed silk scarves, set your spirit free. The vibrant colors flow and blend together in a crystallized effect that soothes the soul. Let the colours speak to you and attune you. Use your intuition and let the scarf pick you! Every colour has its own healing properties. The combination of colour and Reiki can be extremely healing. Be prepared for miracles to happen in your life!

Upon a short meditation each scarf is given a name and charged with the loving, balancing energy of Reiki.

Order with Cheque/Money Order
Mail cheque or (International) Money order in US Funds made out to HEALING GARDEN MINISTRY to: Rev. Isabelle Faith,
Please indicate the COLOUR desired

To Order with Credit Card
Click on the link below. This link will take you to PayPal. Please remember to indicate the colour desired.

Below are samples of the colours - remember each scarf is indivudual and these are just colour samples

blue turqouise yellow violet green orange/yellow purple/blue orange red/pink light green

100 % Pure Silk, 8 mm Habotai.
Size: 11 inches wide by 60 inches long.

the images represent a small scanned piece of the scarf. Colours may vary from screen display to the actual scarf colour

Price: US $ 29.00 ea

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