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Reikifire Canada

Healing Reiki for Sick Children

Our children do not belong to us. God has placed them into our loving care.

For severely ill children Reikifire Canada offers a free distant Reiki initiation.

With the Reiki attunement the child receives an self help tool which can be used anytime.
Reiki is very gentle and loving, soothes and calms body mind and soul. Any child can use Reiki, as it is simple in its application. Read more about the gentle effects of Reiki.

By asking the Reiki attunement for your child you will also receive information to instruct your child how to use Reiki on a daily basis and continuous support via e-mail.

Prayer for Our Children

Dear God,
Help our children to know the road You have chosen for them.
May they give You glory and attain salvation.
Sustain them with Your strength and let them not be satisfied with easy goals.
Enlighten us, their parents, that we may help them to recognize their calling in life and respond to it generously.
May we put no obstacle in the way of Your inner guidance.

there is always an angel at our children's side

The Reiki attunement for a sick child is free

Every love offering is greatly appreciated and helps us to bring the healing energies of Reiki to more children in need.

If you would like to receive the Reiki attunement for your child please send me e-mail:
Request for free attunement


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