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Lightarian Empowerment Ray™

Awakening your personal Power
Attunement-based energy work with Ascension Master Maitreya

Provides you with a "spiritual wake-up call" of the highest order!

Deepens your "sense of self"

Will support you in getting clearer about "who you are"
and "why you are here" during these special times.

The E-Ray serves as the foundation for the other four Rays

The Empowerment Ray is a unique, energetic attunement created by the energies of Maitreya to trigger and accelerate your overall spiritual process. Receiving the E-Ray creates a unique relationship between Maitreya and all levels of your energies. In a sense, an empowering, long-term connection is established between Maitreya and your Soul, Oversoul and Higher Self levels. This connection is maintained long after the event (receiving the Attunement) and provides ongoing support to all levels of your Being for the raising of your vibration and enhancing your spiritual awakening.

"As architect of the global, human ascension plan for planet Earth, I invite you to step more powerfully into your role as part of this divine process. I offer you this Empowerment Ray to trigger an acceleration within you, to stimulate your process of energy activations and to open you to higher levels of Light. Your participation is required in this grand plan. The time for empowered action has arrived and I invite you to join with us in this extraordinary human and planetary transformation!"

Ascension Master Maitreya
inspiration and source of the Empowerment Ray

Following the Empowerment Ray attunement, Maitreya begins to interact "in the background" with all levels of your energies to accelerate your spiritual development in a manner most appropriate for you.

Background of the E-Ray

The Empowerment Ray Attunement is sourced from a strata of celestial energies beyond that of the Ascended Masters... from an energy level called Maitreya. In November of 1997, channeled information from Maitreya came forward regarding a particular broad-based spiritual attunement that he wanted to introduce to humanity. Through an extraordinary overlighting process, Maitreya created the experience of the Empowerment Ray for Jeannine and Christopher Jelm, co-founders of the Lightarian Institute. He asked them to share this transformative energy work with others via the process of passing on an energetic attunement, similar to the attunement methods for Reiki.

FEE: US $ 95.00. Telephone charges, if any, are covered by the client.

Empowerment Ray Client

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