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What is Reiki?

Reiki is magic ~ Reiki is love ~ Reiki is beautiful ~ Reiki is blessing ~ Reiki is joy ~
Reiki is fun ~ Reiki is play ~ Reiki is healing ~ Reiki is always a miracle ~
Reiki is a gift of God
Expect a Miracle
Reiki sparkles ~ Reiki tickles ~ Reiki flows ~ Reiki heats ~ Reiki spirals ~
Reiki shines ~ Reiki creates ~ Reiki dissolves ~ Reiki restores ~
Reiki vitalizes

The word Reiki stems from the Japanese language, meaning Universal Life Force. Ki is the very essence of life. Every living thing is sustained by Ki which originates from the Source of All There Is (God). It's the same like chi, prana, breath, mana, etc. The roots of Reiki are ancient and can be traced back to the times when Jesus walked our sweet Earth and even further into the heart of Tibet.

The blessings of Reiki are continuous and limitless. Reiki is of a very gentle loving nature. It is sentient and needs no direction. Reiki is an ancient art of hands on healing, however much more than that, forever beautiful and simple in its application.

The human body is fully capable of healing itself. Reiki supports and enhances this self healing capacity. Known to go to the root of a situation, Reiki balances on all levels. It not only addresses the physical body, but the emotional, mental and spiritual body as well. It brings us back into our wholeness of being. It works for people at every age, including our children, our animals and plants. No belief is needed. Reiki is not a Religion.

Who can receive a Reiki session?

Absolutely every person. There is no age limit. No limit in condition either. Reiki is beneficial for all. Reiki soothes the sick and relaxes the healthy, and brings about balance and harmony.

How does Reiki work?

The definition of the workings of Reiki is extremely difficult for it is not touchable in its essence. How is the taste of a banana? In order to know we need to have the experience. It's the same with Reiki. Every person experiences Reiki in a different way.

What can Reiki do for me?

Reiki has the potential to enrich our lives in miraculous ways, help us overcome physical illness, emotional pain, loss, addiction, fatigue, learning difficulties, insomnia, etc. Please note, that Reiki does not replace medical treatment. However we do not need to get sick before we can benefit from this gentle energy called Reiki. In fact it is most beneficial to use it daily and maintain a healthy level of well being and harmony.

A few general experiences are:
- symptoms (of a dis-ease) can diminish or disappear

- relaxes the body
- activates the connection to the Higher Self
- calming of the mind/emotions
- brings about a feeling of balance and harmony
- vitalizes body, mind and spirit
- situations/relationships clear up and develop further
- improves self love and self acceptance
- creates a feeling of being loved
- joy returns
- gives a sense of inner security
- strenghtens the confidence and trust in life

What can Reiki be used for?

Reiki is limitless and can be used for anything - animate or inanimate. People, animals, plants, objects.... including relationships and situations. Reiki helps with emotional, mental and physical problems, addictions, including feelings of anger, rage, hate, greed and fear. Reiki is not limited to space and time and can be directed into the past and the future or to support another person on the other side of the planet thousand miles apart (Level II work).

In this lays also the answer to the question: "How is it possible to do remote healing work?" and the reason why distant attunements work! It is for the limitlessness of Reiki, that it is possible to pass on attunements to people who live far away and cannot come for a personal session or attunement.

Is Reiki safe?

Absolutely! Reiki is a most gentle loving energy. It always works for the highest good of a person and will never do harm. Reiki is Universal Love.

Can Cancer be healed with Reiki?

Reiki does not replace medical treatment. It merely supports all therapies. What Reiki will do is enhance and support the self-healing abilities of the human body. Healing has many facets which do not concern only the physical body but the person in his/her wholeness of all four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Where do I start?

A good way to start is by experiencing the blessings of Reiki first hand, by receiving a Reiki session. Call 403-477-9143 or write to Rev. Isabelle Faith for a personal or remote appointment. Another way is to engage in Reiki training for yourself right away, to have this healing energy available to you and your family: Reiki Training.

Those are a few recurring questions. If you have a particular question that you would like to have answered, please fill in the form below and mail it to me. I will post the answer in this page.

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