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Our beloved Archangel Raphael brings us hope and encouragement for our daily lives. It, therefore, seems so fitting at this time to enlist more facilitors/teachers to bestow The Seven Rays of Love™ attunements to those individuals who would like to receive them. If you are a Reiki Master/Teacher, you may now register to become a Facilitator/Teacher for the Seven Rays of LoveTM.
Angel of Love, Painting by Ursina Würmli
©Angel Paintings by Ursina Würmli

Some small informational facts about becoming a Facilitator/Teacher for the Seven Rays of LoveTM:

To register for the Seven Rays of LoveTMMaster/Teacher Level click the PayPal button

If you require further information, you may contact one of our main facilitators/teachers:

Isabelle Faith -
Mary LaSota -
John van Eekelen -

Your Angel Attunement facilitator at the Center for Being Canada is Rev.Isabelle Faith
155 Bracewood Way SW, Calgary AB, T2W 3C3 Canada

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