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Angelic Attunement Ceremonials

In these times of great changes the Angelic Realm is more than ever willing to share their boundless love and compassion with us humans to inspire, accelerate and support us in our awakening.

Mary LaSota has been channeling messages and attunement celebrations from many of these Celestial beings. With her permission, I am sharing these beautiful Attunements with you. These Angelic Attunement Ceremonials are designed to help you advance in your spiritual growth, bringing about a greater balance with your Higher Self, the planet Earth and all Beings. Angels are God's gift to lovingly support us hu-mans with guidance, protection, inspiration, healing and even Divine Intervention if necessary.

Angelic Attunement Ceremonials

Archangel Raphael's

Archangel Chamuel's

Archangel Jophiel's

Archangel Raphael's

Archangel Michael's

Archangel Zadkiel's

Archangel Uriels's

Archangel Gabriel's

Attunement for Joy

Attunement to the Adoration Ray

Attunement to the Illumination Ray

Attunement to the Emerald Healing Ray

Attunement to the Protection Ray

Attunement to the Purification Ray

Attunement to the Compassion Ray

Attunement to the Harmony Ray

Seven Rays of Love

You may now register to receive all Seven Rays of Love
The Seven Rays of LoveTM are now available at the Master/Teacher Level (for Reiki Masters)

Angels of Love and Light A beautiful book about the Archangels is Lynn Fischer's Angels of Love and Light : The Great Archangels & Their Divine Complements, the Archeiai. Read about the angelic realm, the Three-fold Flame that burns in everyone's heart, and the Seven Rays of Enlightenment, whose prismatic colors refract daily through the earth's atmosphere into our lives.

Two New Energy Infusions - JoynessTM & SourcenessTM

Your Angel Attunement facilitator at the Center for Being Canada is Rev.Isabelle Faith
Calgary AB, T2W 3G3 Canada

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