Inspiring messages from Archangel Raphael

The Center for Being Canada

The Center for Being Canada joyfully presents the first workshop series, called the Garden Workshop. The Garden Workshop consists of a series of 4 workshop segments. Each segment is located in a specific garden. A brief description of the Garden Workshops is given below.

Furthermore, a fifth Garden Workshop is available. This fifth Garden Workshop is a special one, and includes a special Energetic Attunement. The ideas, titles of workshops and content came directly from Archangel Raphael through his messages.

Two New Energy Infusions - JoynessTM & SourcenessTM

Garden Workshops

Angelic Attunement Ceremonials

Messages from Archangel Raphael channeled by Mary LaSota

The Home of the Center for Being is created and directed by Mary LaSota
Center for Being - Europe John van Eekelen

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