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Two new Energy Infusions


(Information given here is taken from Raphael's channeled message #21 (January 2003) and also from channeled message from Source)

We are happy to introduce two very unique energetic infusions. We refer to them as infusions rather than attunements because they are enormously powerful energies, perhaps energetically more dominant than traditional attunements.

They are being introduced at this time to support individuals during this great transformational period leading to what some refer to as the Golden Era, others Golden Times and Archangel Raphael calls it the onset of the Golden Age of Innocence. It is now that Earth is mutating into a vast new Earth full of dreams and promises, hopes and aspirations, where All are called participate in.

The Golden Era will be a time when individuals will manifest their ideas of even the most multifaceted issues at an accelerated rate. It will be a time of creation! It will be a time of co-creation with Source! It will be a time of participation by All as One.

It has been predicted that during this Golden Era Divine love and positivity will cause other planets and galaxies to mutate and regenerate into newness following the gallant example of Mother Earth. To be a resident of Earth during this current now is truly phenomenal for everyone will be given the worthy privilege to participate in creating a world exemplified foremost by love, kindness, charity, humility, courage, fairness, caring and giving, and all positivity.

These Golden Times promise each and every Being innate happiness which comes from direct involvement in loving activity and work, and participation in the co-creating process. And as Archangel Raphael points out, this will lead to the ultimate experience, which is Joy.

During this Golden Era, Beings will sit at the tables with Archangels, Masters and all others from the Celestial planes as well as those inhabitants of other planets and galaxies for deliberation of issues. There will be a significant difference. Individuals will no longer seek guidance from the celestial realms or other galaxies but rather participate on an equal give and take level. Individuals will easily travel to other planets and galaxies. Co-creation will be an equal partnership with Source love will always remain a constant force in all co-creation! It is predicted that the Golden Era will be upon us when many are ready for it!

These two loving infusions, JOYNESSTM and SOURCENESSTM are being offered in this current now so individuals may decide what role, if any, they would like to play in this historic shift leading to Golden Times which will be a Divine existence.

More specifically, the profound JOYNESSTM infusion will deal with transformational process. Both Source and Archangel Raphael will participate in the infusion. This infusion will justifiably make you aware of your birthright which is to live on a Divine Earth with love as the dominant factor in all facets of one's life.

SOURCENESSTM will make you aware that it is your birthright to create and co-create and as co-creator with Source you may make the Earth your heaven filled with love and all of its glorious promises. Source will participate in this Divine infusion. You will see your brothers and sisters, all humanity, as Divine and your actions will reflect it.

Both JOYNESSTM and SOURCENESSTM will clearly underline the fact that a new Golden heavenly existence is possible but participation is necessary by All as One.

Some informational facts about the JOYNESS™ and SOURCENESS™ infusions:
You always register for both infusions. One can not go without the other. The Joyness infusion will always be given first, followed by the Sourceness infusion. Usually both will be administered on the same day, within a time span of approximately 45 minutes. Of course, if you really feel you can and want to receive both infusions in a longer periode of time, like two consecutive days, other arrangements can be made. There are no pre-requisites to receiving these infusions, simply a want to receive it.

The registration fee for both infusions together is $ 190.

Angelic Attunement Ceremonials

Your Attunement/Infusion facilitator at the Center for Being Canada is Rev.Isabelle Faith
Calgary AB T2W 3G3 Canada

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