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Archangel Zadkiel's Attunement to the Purification Ray

Archangel Zadkiel's Attunement to the Purification RayTM is a calming, purifying energy combined with the love of the centuries which enters the heart, soul, and core of one's very essence of Being. As the loving energy of the Violet Ray permeates each and every cell of your Being and heals the chakras, it allows you to remain in a state of calm amidst the many disruptions which cause turmoil. The regal Violet Ray especially purifies the "seat-of-the soul" chakra. If you wish, your special intention will be incorporated into the text of the attunement ceremony so that your attunement will be optimally personalized for you.

Archangel Zadkiel, whose name means "Righteousness of God", bringer of the Purification Ray, will participate in this glorious Ritual along with the many Violet Lightning Angels, Angels of the Seventh Ray, Angels of Purification and Love, Angels of Zadkiel and many other celestial Beings.

There are no pre-requisites to receiving this attunement simply a desire to receive it. There are no special requirements in preparation for this attunement. You may register to receive this attunement at any time.

The registration/donation fee is US $ 50.00

Arranging for Payment:
Full payment is due in advance and can be made with check (Canada only CAD 75.00), international money order or major Credit Card.

Check/money order payment should be made payable to the Healing Garden Ministry and mailed the address below. For international students, please provide bank check or international money order payable in US Funds.

To register with Credit Card please click the button below.

Angelic Attunement Ceremonials

Your Angel Attunement facilitator at the Center for Being Canada is Rev.Isabelle Faith
155 Bracewood Way SW, Calgary AB, T2W 3C3 Canada

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