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I. Healing Garden of Awakening

You begin your beautiful walk here. As you walk through the garden, you will soon meet others to take the walk with. In this Healing Garden of Awakening you easily begin to share information with one another. You will have the opportunity to look at day-to-day problems in perhaps different ways than they have been accustomed to to find resolutions. Together we will ponder what is truly important to you and you will learn how to apply love to every situation.

II. Healing Garden of Beauty

This healing garden is exactly as it's called, exquisite with beauty. Every participant's favorite everything's are here. You will begin to feel the beauty all around you, the beauty of Spirit within, and the beauty of life itself. There will be a continuation of discussions on surfacing issues.

III. Healing Garden of Love

This is a very special, extraordinary healing garden. Participants continue with their own concerns applying new ways to help them in dealing with day to day issues if they wish. A discussion is held on how love may continuously fill one's Being and how this in turn nourishes the Spirit. It is also here where you come into the stillness of your heart to seek it's loving guidance. It is here where you will come to realize that in treating every situation, problem, relationship and person with love a new world is being created.

IV. Healing Garden of Joy

This is the ultimate garden. The beauty of the Ages is here in the Healing Garden of Joy. The participant walks in its splendor while continuing the discussions on personal issues and challenges. When you walk in this healing garden, new ways of handling problems will com to you from within your heart. We will talk about the importance of employing love in dealings with others. It is here where it all comes together. An ending discussion is about achieving Joy and a total happiness of Being through one's experiences.

V. Revisiting the Healing Gardens
including Archangel Raphael's Attunement for Joy

This is an advanced workshop for those who participated in Workshops I through IV, enjoyed them, and feel there is still more to learn and discuss. This will give participants a further look at their individual challenges as well as discuss some new ideas as a group.

Included in this great workshop is an Energetic Attunement, called Archangel Raphael's Attunement for Joy The garden guide will take you back to the Healing Garden of Joy, where you will be joining a gathering of several Celestial Beings, members of the Angelic Kingdom and other energies. Archangel Raphael will participate in the ceremony to bestow his Loving Energy upon you, further awakening your ability to sense Love, Light and Joy .

Registration information:

Group participation

Participants need to sign up for the Garden Series I - IV.
Each workshop runs one week with active exchange via mailing list and one-on-one support from your garden guide.
Group Rate for Healing Garden Workshop I-IV: US $ 195.00

Individual participation

This series I - IV may also be taken individually. The participant will be able to take more time to complete the walk and have a one-on-one relationship with your garden guide throughout.
Individual Rate for Healing Garden Workshop I-IV: US $ 295.00

Revisiting the Gardens

Revisiting the Gardens is a two week intensive, deepening the experiences and applying the new wisdom to every day life. This workshop includes Archangel Raphael's Attunement for Joy. Healing Garden Workshops I-IV is a prerequisite for Revisiting the Gardens.
Group Rate for Revisiting the Healing Gardens V: US $ 95.00
Individual Rate for Revisiting the Healing Gardens V: US $ 125

Arranging for Payment:
Full payment is due in advance and can be made with check (Canada only), international money order or major Credit Card.

Check/money order payment should be made payable to the Healing Garden Ministry and mailed the address below. For international students, please provide bank check or international money order payable in US Funds.

For Payment with Credit Card
Group Rate for Healing Garden Workshop I-IV: US $ 195.00 to register click here
Individual Rate for Healing Garden Workshop I-IV: US $ 295.00 to register click here
Group Rate for Revisiting the Healing Gardens V: US $ 95.00 to register click here
Individual Rate for Revisiting the Healing Gardens V: US $ 125 to register click here

Visa and Master Card are accepted (9% processing fee included). Please click the link below for ordering with our Credit Card Retailer CCnow. You will be redirected to our authorized online retailer, CCNOW to complete your registration and payment. ccnow

Your Garden Guide at The Center for Being Canada is Rev. Isabelle Faith. Workshops and courses, are currently offered in English (French and German in preparation). Center for Being - Canada is a part of the online Academy Teachings from the Heart. For more information contact Rev. Isabelle Faith Teacher & Garden Guide

All offerings are available online and locally in Calgary, AB.

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