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Lightarian Healing Ray

Launches a complete wholistic healing process for you

Attunes you to the energies of Ascended Master Buddha for self-compassion and balance, as well as healing support.

The Healing Ray is a simple, energetic attunement that focuses on creating ongoing healing support from Ascended Master Buddha. Healing effects stimulated by this attunement will be created over the entire spectrum of your energies...from your physical body to the highest levels of your etheric "inner vibrational landscape." There are no specific time benchmarks or time limits for the extraordinary healing that is launched via this work...simply the loving, gentle unfolding of your truly individualized healing process at a pace that will serve highest and greatest purpose for you. Recognizing that each of us is fully responsible for our own healing, we acknowledge that Buddha's energetic support will simply be empowering you in your own self-healing process.

As part of the Healing Ray process, a unique relationship is established between you and Ascended Master Buddha, as he steps forward to assist you in very direct, personal ways with the orchestration of this enhanced healing work! In a sense, he will serve as a healing guide for all levels of your being...all in complete cooperation with your Higher Self.

"During your Earth history, my healing energies have long been broadly available to support humanity's often challenging quest for balance and wholeness. It is time for humans to take a more active, empowered role in their healing process. Via the Healing Ray, I am now making my energies available to you in a more focused way in order to raise your inner vibration and facilitate greater self-healing on all levels of your being."

Ascended Master Buddha
inspiration and source of the Healing Ray

After receiving your attunement, dramatic energetic changes will be taking place for you, depending on your initial physical and subtle body energy patterning and the healing pace being set by your Higher Self. Your etheric and physical energies will begin to experience renewed levels of vitality and vibrancy!

  • As a part of a conscientious healing program, the Healing Ray will support the dissolving and transmuting of stress, discomfort, debilitation and dis-ease from your chakras, subtle bodies and ultimately, your physical body.
  • Your sense of self-responsibility for your own healing will expand as you more effectively handle any challenging, health-related situations that need attention
  • Clearing the "etheric blueprint" which stores adverse patterns that create stress, discomfort, debilitation and dis-ease within the physical body
  • As you deal with the task of bringing health-related aspects of your life into balance, you may discover new levels of two important spiritual principles... discipline and surrender...that you may not have encountered before.
  • You may start to open more fully to your higher inner wisdom and expand your self-awareness.

Background of the Healing Ray

The Healing Ray Attunement is sourced from a strata of celestial energies known as the level of Ascended Masters, specifically from an aspect of the Ascended Master Buddha. During Earth and humanity's long history of spiritual evolution, Ascended Master Buddha has often projected his energies into this plane in the form of physically-incarnated masters and avatars in order to assist in the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. He has ongoingly focused on teaching and demonstrating the principles of compassion as applied to many areas of human activity, especially healing and personal ascension for the individual. His incarnational experiences here have prepared him well to serve as a coach and counselor...perhaps call him a spiritual mentor...for those seeking energetic healing support.

Please note that Ascended Master Buddha is not to be confused with the historic Buddha, who was a projection of the energies of Ascended Master Buddha, embodied into a physical incarnation in this plane.

FEE: US $ 75.00. Telephone charges, if any, are covered by the client.

Healing Client

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