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You have manifested this page into your life. Be welcomed. The fact that you are here is a clear indication that you are ready, for you will never find yourself in a place where you are not intended to be. Trust, that your life is exactly working as it is supposed to. It is a joy for me to talk to you about Reiki.

What exactly then is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word which stands for universal life force. Every person, every living being, every plant is connected to the Universal Life Force - it is our inherited birthright. It is this connection that is being enhanced and strengthened when a person embarks on the Reiki path.

The definition of Reiki is extremely difficult for it is not touchable in its essence. It could be said that Reiki is a method which allows us to reconnect with the universal harmony that surrounds us and it is known for its simplicity and gentleness. The essence of Reiki cannot really be explained.

Ultimately, Reiki is a method for self-realization and self empowerment, a path towards the light, to God, the Creator, to Self. Whether experiencing Reiki as a student or as a recipient, Reiki is a personal journey within. A path to discover our divine heritage.

Reiki has many benefits, most importantly it brings about harmony and balance to body, mind and spirit. Reiki enhances a person's well-being and supports all therapies. Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment.

The best way to get a "feel" for this beautiful soothing, relaxing and loving energy is by experiencing it.

If you are interested in receiving a Reiki session please contact Rev. Isabelle Faith

If you are interested in Reiki Training see our Reiki Training Pages. For more information about the benefits of Reiki and frequently asked questions see our FAQ.

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