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Lightarian Ray Training Program

Receive the personal benefits of the Lightarian Rays and, at the same time, learn how to support others with these unique methods for


Thank you for your interest in the Lightarian Ray Training Programs. Through our efficient training and attunement method, you quickly and effectively receive all of the personal benefits of a particular Ray and the necessary training and certification to immediately work with your own clients and begin training/attuning your own students for that Ray.

Empowerment RayUS $195.00
Clearing RayUS $195.00
Healing RayUS $150.00
Activation RayUS $150.00
Manifestation RayUS $150.00
Source RayUS $150.00

Training fees and format for the Lightarian Rays:

Example of the steps for a typical Lightarian Ray telephone session

If you are interested in getting started and for more information, please contact:
Rev. Isabelle Faith
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Arranging for Payment:
Full payment is due in advance and can be made via check, money order or major Credit Card.

Check/money order payment should be made payable to Rev. Isabelle Faith and mailed the address below. For international students, please provide bank check or international money order payable in US Funds.

To select the desired training please click the PayPal button. The Empowerment Ray is the prerequisite for all other Rays, which can then be taken in any desired sequence.

Empowerment Ray

Clearing Ray

Healing Ray

Activation Ray

Manifestation Ray

Source Ray

Students who already have one or more Lightarian Modalities are entitled to a 20% discount. To make your payment and applying your credit please use the PayPal please link below and write a short note to me, letting me know which Ray you are requesting.

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Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.
Calgary, Alberta

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