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Lightarian Activation Ray™

Advanced activation work
for supporting you in * Having the full force of the Light in your Life *

Launches ongoing energetic activations within your chakras and subtle bodies.

Stimulates new spiritual initiations.

Prepares you to integrate higher aspects of your divine potential
into your day-to-day life.

Course Information

The Lightarian Activation Ray, designed by Ascended Master Sananda, is a simple and effective Attunement that will launch the purification, reorganization and stepping-up of the vibration levels of your chakras and subtle bodies.

Following your attunement, over an extended period of time, the vibrational frequencies of every level of your auric field will be accelerated and brought into a purer resonance with the energies of your Higher Self. This activation work takes place deeply within your etheric inner planes and there are no specific time benchmarks or time limits for the extraordinary reshaping of your "inner vibrational landscape" that is launched via this work.

As part of the Activation Ray process, a unique relationship is established between you and Sananda, as he steps forward to assist you in very direct, personal ways with the orchestration of this enhanced activation work! The process of reshaping the fundamental structure of your etheric energy fields will be guided by the gentle, loving hands of Sananda, as he serves as an etheric activation mentor for all levels of your being, all in complete cooperation with your Higher Self.

"The vibrations of both Earth humanity and Mother Earth herself are being lifted at this time as the extraordinary processes of human development and global ascension move forward in an accelerated way. You are an essential part of this transformation, as you strive to raise your personal vibration through the activation and purification of your etheric energy fields. I welcome the opportunity to support you as you reach for those higher vibration levels that lie within you."

Ascended Master Sananda
inspiration and source of the Activation Ray

Following your attunement for the A-Ray, Sananda begins to interact "in the background" with all levels of your energies to stimulate and accelerate the energetic activation steps that are most appropriate for you. This activation work takes place deeply within your "inner planes" as shifts and changes are occurring in your personal "energy construct"...all to propel you along your spiritual path through the raising of your personal vibration!

  • Through Sananda's inspiration and guidance, the Activation Ray has been designed to accelerate your entire progression of personal spiritual activations.
  • These energetic activations can be in the form of small, quantum changes in your energy structure to increase your capacity to handle more Light, to bring forward your gifts and talents or for other appropriate transformational purposes.
  • Activations can also be in the form of major initiatory steps which can dramatically alter your energies...creating major shifts in your belief structures, perspectives, perceptions and even your sense of yourself.
  • As an empowering resource for you, Sananda operates "in your personal etheric background", stimulating your inner-planes spiritual development while always guiding and fully coordinating with your Higher Self energies.
Step into the light - with Lightarian energy ! AngelLinks The Activation Ray

no prerequisite / no waiting period

Master/Teacher Training *US $ 150.00
Personal attunementUS $ 75.00

A 20% discount is offered to those already trained as Lightarian Teacher/Practitioners who are properly registered with the Institute. This discount is applicable to the following energy work: All five of the Lightarian Rays, Lightarian Reiki I & II and Lightarian Clearing Level 1 - Path Clearing.

Please e-mail me to receive your discount link.

Upon completion of your training you are immediately ready to use and teach the Activation Ray.

Teaching Materials
A complete manual is mailed out, the attunement is passed on non locally.
Close e-mail contact with your teacher and using the school's chatroom (optional sharing with co-students via mailing list). A certificate is mailed to you when your training is completed.

Ongoing support is available to you beyond your training with Teachings from the Heart.

Teachings from the Heart is the
Licensed Lightarian Training Manual Provider for Canada

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Your online Activation Ray ™ Teacher is Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.

Lotus Light Award

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