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Chios® Energy Field Healing

Energy Healing, (aura and chakra healing), healing with light, colour and sound is probably the most profound holistic healing available to us at this time and is increasingly drawing the attention of alternative healers and health care professionals.

In his book Partnering with God Kryon tells us that Energy Healing is the #1 Healing Type.

Chios® Energy Field Healing has been created and developed by Steve Barrett in a process of 7 years of study, practice and refinement. Not only does Chios (pronounced Chee’-ohss) provide powerful healing tools to the practitioner/master, but offers a system of meditation and personal growth exercises for the healer as well.

Chios® is a spiritual healing method, expanding the healer's awareness, using light and colour healing techniques to stimulate healing in the patient's energy field and supporting the loosening of limiting patterns at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Chios Energy Field Healing
Chios® energy healing offers a comprehensive system of powerful and effective energy healing techniques.

Study Manuals for Level I, II and III are available as FREE downloads from Steve Barrett's Chios Healing Website

All Chios® attunements are done remotely.

Fees for Chios® attunements
Level I US$ 75.00
Level II US$ 75.00
Level III/Master US$ 95.00
Upon receiving your Chios®attunement(s) you will have the opportunity to join a Chios® study group and/or receive personal e-mail support from your Reikifire/Teachings from the Heart Chios® Teacher Rev. Isabelle Faith


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