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Lightarian Empowerment Ray™

Awakening your personal Power
Attunement-based energy work with Ascension Master Maitreya

Provides you with a "spiritual wake-up call" of the highest order!

Deepens your "sense of self"

Will support you in getting clearer about "who you are"
and "why you are here" during these special times.

The E-Ray serves as the foundation for the other four Rays

Course Information

The Empowerment Ray creates a unique relationship for you with Ascension Master Maitreya. The focus of the E-ray is on enhancing your personal progression of energetic activations and stimulating your spiritual development. The Empowerment Ray is designed to accelerate your process toward full personal self-realization.

Following the attunement for the E-Ray, Maitreya begins to interact in the background with all levels of your energies to stimulate and accelerate the energetic activation steps that are most appropriate for you. This activation work takes place deeply within your inner planes as shifts and changes are occurring in your personal energy construct ~ all to propel you along your spiritual path through the raising of your personal vibration!

"As architect of the global, human ascension plan for planet Earth, I invite you to step more powerfully into your role as part of this divine process. I offer you this Empowerment Ray to trigger an acceleration within you, to stimulate your process of energy activations and to open you to higher levels of Light. Your participation is required in this grand plan. The time for empowered action has arrived and I invite you to join with us in this extraordinary human and planetary transformation!"

Ascension Master Maitreya
inspiration and source of the Empowerment Ray

Step into the light - with Lightarian energy ! AngelLinks The Empowerment Ray

no prerequisite / no waiting period

Master/Teacher Training *US $ 195.00
Personal attunementUS $ 95.00

A 20% discount is offered to those already trained as Lightarian Teacher/Practitioners who are properly registered with the Institute. This discount is applicable to the following energy work: All five of the Lightarian Rays, Lightarian Reiki I & II and Lightarian Clearing Level 1 - Path Clearing.

Please e-mail me to receive your discount link.

Upon completion of your training you are immediately ready to use and teach the Empowerment Ray.

Teaching Materials
A complete manual is mailed out, the attunement is passed on non locally.
Close e-mail contact with your teacher and using the school's chatroom (optional sharing with co-students via mailing list). A certificate is mailed to you when your training is completed.

Ongoing support is available to you beyond your training with Teachings from the Heart.

Teachings from the Heart is the
Licensed Lightarian Training Manual Provider for Canada

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Your online Empowerment Ray ™ Teacher is Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.

Lotus Light Award

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