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Online Studies

Teachings From the Heart uses a variety of sources and methods in its classes. Some material is found within the Teaching from the Heart web site, some comes from books, some comes from other Reiki web sites and some occurs in online forums.

The Levels
Reiki, as I teach it, has three levels, and each must be taken in sequence. Students can register for any single level or, as a cost saving measure, for various combinations of levels. However, the three levels must be taken in sequence. That is, you cannot take Level II before taking Level I. No previous knowledge is needed to begin at Level I.

The Content
Level I includes the following general areas:
  • Reiki's History, Myths & Legends
  • What is Reiki?
  • Using Reiki (Level I)
  • About Being a Reiki Healer
  • Attunement
  • Self Healing (including hand positions)
  • Healing Others (including hand positions)
  • Reiki Ethics
  • Reiki Principles
  • Healing Prayers
  • Legal Aspects
Level II includes the following general areas:
  • Moving Beyond the Physical
  • The Reiki Symbols (Level II)
  • Using the Symbols
  • Emotional & Mental Healing
  • Distant Healing
  • Manifestation
  • Akashic Records
  • Karmic & Past Lives' Issues
  • Reiki Guides
  • Following Your Reiki Interests
Level III includes the following general areas:
  • The Ultimate Level
  • Increasing Depth
  • A Myriad of Symbols
  • Create your own Symbols
  • Qigong and Reiki
  • Preparation for Passing Attunements
  • The Attunement Process
  • Being Carried by Reiki
  • Reiki Beyond the Stars
  • On Mastering
  • Teaching Reiki * how to

Existing Reiki Practitioners
Reiki - Teachings from the HeartTM accepts students with previous training and attunements by other Reiki Masters. It honours your existing Level, so if you are already a Reiki practitioner I, you can register for level II, and if you are already a Level II, you can register for Level III.

Advanced students are, however, required to review the information from the earlier levels of training by Teachings from the Heart. There is no charge for this, but it insures all our student have a common understanding.

The online Reiki - Teachings from the HeartTM provides you with the basic knowledge for each level. Each level includes assignments which must be completed before moving on to the next level

Books You do not need to purchase a specific book. Throughout the course you will find book suggestions. Feel which one has the best feel to you. The link Reiki books has a extensive listing of just Reiki books.

Other material is recommended at various points in the courses,
but is not required.

Teachings from the Heart uses several mailing lists (one for each Reiki Level) to handle students' questions, comments and observations. Thus all students of Teachings from the Heart are required to subscribe and participate actively in the mailing lists. There is no charge for this by either Onelist or Teachings from the Heart.

Teachings from the Heart has also established a Chat area for students where everyone can share in real time. Participation is the chat area is optional.

Other Web Sites
The world wide web has many wonderful Reiki web sites. Visiting and studying material from some of them is required. Hot links to these required sites are provided within the course material.

Advanced Students
Students already attuned and/or trained by another Reiki master are asked to send a copy of their certificate(s).

The attunement for each level will be done at a distance. The attunement process is done non-locally, which is no less powerful than in a person to person setting. Reiki being the Universal Life Force is not bound to earthly laws. Universal law knows no time and no space.

Student Support
Teachings from the Heart takes you step by step through each level. During your time as a student of Teachings from the Heart you are connected to your teacher and your co-students through the mailing lists and personal e-mail. You are not alone.

Certificates will be mailed out upon payment in full and completion of all assignments.

   Reiki Online studies versus Reiki Workshop from students' perspective   

Please submit the fee together with your registration. If you cannot afford to pay the fee, but your heart yearns for Reiki please contact Teachings from the Heart

Fee Schedule (US Dollars)
Whitehorse and surrounds
Usui Reiki Fee Schedule (US Dollars)
Private Classes TuitionWorkshop & Online Tuition
Level I$150.00Level I$100.00
Level II$250.00Level II$200.00
Level III$500.00Level III$450.00
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