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Important Note
Karuna Reiki® is only available as personal training according to the guidelines of the Center for Reiki Training !
Please write for personal class schedule.
Rev. Isabelle Faith is a Certified Karuna Reiki ® Teacher. Upon completion of the course the student will be registered with The Center for Reiki Training

Distant Karuna-Ki Training is available via Online Academy Teachings from the Heart TM

Om - Karuna
  • for Reiki Masters/Teachers
  • for Reiki Practitioners with Level II

    (Reiki I practitioners need their Level II first)

Om - Karuna
Karuna is a Sanskrit word, meaning "compassionate action"

Reiki is said to be divided into 8 energy bands. Karuna occupies the second of these energy bands, while the first three Levels of Usui Reiki are within the frequency of the first band. With Karuna you will be working within a higher frequency level.

The first level has a major focus on weeding out fears, old patterns and beliefs. It can be compared to tending to our soul garden. First the soil is being treated, which means our Being is being prepared at a cellular level for deep healing, then the weeding takes place. Our fears, attachments, disorders, addictions, are being removed. The emptied space is then being filled with the compassionate Karuna love.

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The second level in Karuna is lovingly caring for the soul garden. We experience yet a deeper connection to our higher self with an expanding awareness. It also brings us closer to our Oneness with our beloved Mother Earth. The healing of the Planet and its inhabitants is another big call in Karuna healing.

Our light, love and compassion is again greatly increased when we move on to the Master Level as our work deepens and we open to the collaboration with the Ascended Masters. Every higher vibration bring us the bliss of joy and healing but also asks for a deeper committment and taking on of responsibility in our work in service of humankind.

Course for Reiki Masters/Teachers
This is an all inclusive training, presenting all the material and attunements needed to reach Karuna Master/Teacher Level.

Course for Reiki Practitioners with Level II
Course A Karuna I
Course B Karuna II

All the needed material is available online with links to other sites for intensive study, including close contact with your teacher via e-mail, sharing among other students with mailing lists and chats. The attunement is given non locally. Certification upon completion of the Course.

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Your online Karuna Teacher is Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.

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