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Light Bearing Receptacle ~ Transcendent Man/Woman

A Revealed Art of Transformation

KorManu is ancient and futuristic. It is not Reiki, but Reiki formes the energetic base within an individual on this plane to receive the more laser-like energies of KorManu.

"Today you step through a gateway of your own choice. Not many individuals have moved through this sacred gateway of self-knowledge and understanding. This sacred passage is causal and will be a catalyst for your highest attainment as well as for the healing of others. By accepting this energy you vow to use all knowledge forthcoming in only Love. Know that this method is from the stars and is used extensively throughout the various civilizations throughout the cosmos."

The Great White Brotherhood

Om Korama Om KorManu comes to us from the fourteenth dimension, which is the full circle of past, present and future. It has it's birth in the language of the Dolphins. KorManu is being brought to earth through the co-creative efforts of human receivers, dolphin holders and interdimensional beings who are committed to the awakening of this planet. KorManu is intelligent, powerful, creative and dramatic. It is evolutionary, therefore individuals who have received this attunement will be inspired by Spirit in the moment, and will bring through many other symbols and methods of moving Light. It is evolutionary, therefore individuals who have received this attunement will be assisted in their own personal evolution --- their ascension process.

The First Facet is Transcendent Man/Woman. In this stage the Initiate receives the attunement for this level, and also receives a personal symbol that represents the "core" or original frequency of the individual. A meditation to be used by the Initiate is also given. An appropriate waiting period of about 30 days will commence, allowing for a detoxification and cleansing of the physical and energy bodies.

The Second Facet, Master Healer and Light Bearing Receptacle, can then be given at the determination of the KorManu Master.

This course is for those Reiki practitioners who have already been attuned to the Master level of the Usui system of healing.

If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Master through the Teachings from the Heart, please click here.

Included in this course is the complete KorManu Manual and Master Handout, online training support and a beautiful Certificate.

Cost for this course is US $ 195.00
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