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Become attuned with the Angels, Masters & Source
to accelerate your Personal Ascension Process


Unconditional Love

Develop your fullest spiritual potential via the LightarianTM Ray Attunements, the AngelLink Connections and Lightarian ReikiTM.

Accelerate your movement through the five fundamental energetic processes for true, complete personal development...self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation. The LightarianTM Rays.

Open your heart to embody the highest level of Angelic unconditional love and be able to express that love into all areas of your life! The AngelLinksTM.

Receive the highest vibrational Reiki healing energies available during these transformational times. Expand and lift your healing process into a new space! Lightarian™ Reiki.

Bring forth and develop your latent spiritual gifts and talents as you prepare for a higher level of service to humanity during these changing and challenging times.

"At Teachings of the HeartTM we look forward to being of service...as our planet and humanity together move toward a more ascended state of being...creating a world of expanding joy, harmony and peace...truly bringing Heaven to Earth!"

Lightarian Training: For Students and Clients

Let your Spirit soar - with Lightarian energy !

Teachings from the Heart offers all Lightarian Energy courses. The training is done within an online setting, with materials online, a training manual for every modality and every level, student support group, and continuous contact with your teacher via e-mail (and phone/in person where appropriate). This student support is sustained beyond the completion of the training. Attunements are done remotely. Certification after every completed modality and level.

Your Online Teacher Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.

Teachings from the Heart is the
Licensed Lightarian Training Manual Provider for Canada

ORDER TRAINING MATERIALS for Canadian Teachers and all students of Teachings from the Heart

Lotus Light Award

Teachings from the HeartTM
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