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Spiritual Evolution

Having the full force of the Light in your Life

Spiritual evolution
You may want to accelerate, support and continue your spiritual evolution.

The process for spiritual advancement is always in conjunction with your Higher Self energies. Much of the energetic movement is accomplished beyond conscious awareness. However there is much that you can do on the conscious level to support your spiritual advancement. The following list of activities and forms of support can serve as a guide to assist you along your transformational journey.

  • Etheric clearing of the chakras and subtle bodies
  • Clearing and detoxing of the physical body
  • Healing support for both the etheric and physical bodies
  • Activation and initiation steps to raise vibration
  • Meditation to enhance inner-planes communications
  • Opening communication with spiritual guides/teachers
  • Releasing attachments
  • Taking full responsibility and releasing old "victim" patterns
  • Embracing non-judgment
  • Opening to new paradigms and expanding beliefs
  • Setting clear intentions to move more effectively toward your future, ascended state of greater service
Accelerated Continuous Spiritual Evolution with Lightarian Energy Work AngelLinks
Lightarian Energy Work is designed to stimulate a breakthrough in your spiritual journey in each of these five essential phases of personal energetic development which are self empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation.. Five Celestial Masters have come forth to support our collective spiritual development. They have inspired energy techniques which focus on those five spiritual processes to better prepare humanity for these exciting, transformational times

Attunement based connections with the Ascended (Celestial) Masters

The LightarianTM Rays
A 5-Step Program to accelerate your Spiritual Development
Maitreya's Empowerment Ray
El Morya's Clearing Ray
Ascended Master Buddha's Healing Ray
Sananda's Activation Ray
St. Germain's Manifestation Ray

Single or combined, these five rays fully support the spiritual process for the individual.

Advanced, higher vibrational Reiki Program
Lightarian Reiki

Multi-step Clearing Program
Lightarian Clearing

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