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Lightarian Manual Order Form

For Payment with Cheque or Money Order in Canadian Dollars
Print this form, fill it out and mail it together with your cheque or money order to:
Isabelle Faith, 116 Woodfield Green SW, Calgary AB, T2W 3T9 Canada
Orders are accepted Monday through Friday. Please allow three business days for processing.

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MANUALS Price CAD Quantity Extension
Lightarian Clearing
Level 1 - Path Clearing$19.00
Level 2 - Birth Pattern Removal $15.50
Level 3 - Template Clearing $15.50
Level 4 - Attachment Removal$15.50
Level 5 - Lineage Clearing$15.50
Level 6 - Veil Removal$15.50
Lightarian Reiki
Level I & II$18.00
Level III$9.90
Level IV$9.90
Level V & VI$9.90
Clearing Ray$16.00
Activation Ray$14.00
Empowerment Ray$18.00
Healing Ray$14.00
Manifestation Ray$14.00
Source Ray$14.00
Seraph Rose Aura AL$15.00
Archangel Michael AngelLink $5.00
Archangel Raphael AngelLink$5.00
Archangel Gabriel AngelLink$5.00
Archangel Uriel AngelLink$5.00
Handling Charges
Canada: Handling Charge = $5.00
International: Handling Charge = $12.00
Estimated Shipping Charges
Canada: Add Shipping Charge of $3.00 per Lightarian Manual/$2.00 per AngelLink Booklet
United States: Add Shipping Charge of $4.00 per Lightarian Manual/$3.00 per AngelLink Booklet.
International: Add Shipping Charge of @7.50 per Lightarian Manual/$5.00 per AngelLink Booklet.
Total (Sub-Total add Handling & Shipping Charges)
Grand Total for Order
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Canadian Orders include GST/HST
Licensed Lightarian Manual Provider for Canada Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.

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