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The Manifestation Acceleration Technique

as guided by Archangel Michael ~ via Gregory Ashid Possman

A new form of manifestation has been brought forward by Archangel Michael and he has claimed that the proper use of it can change the planet in a positive manner. It is quick, easy to learn, easy to utilize and effective.

This course is taught at the Master/Teacher level. Upon completion you will be able to share this technique with others. All the necessary information is presented in a clearly written Teaching Manual.

Master/Teacher Manual
Once you've started utilizing this technique you will begin to experience a rapidly accelerating rate of manifestation which may bring on gifts, rewards and possible challenges. A diligent and consistent application of this technique will bring forth a process called soul rotation, during which you will be bringing in previously unrevealed aspects of your higher self or oversoul. As these aspects rotate in, aspects of the ego personality will rotate out. This may cause responses and a reality shift which is rapid, unexpected and in most cases welcomed. Some of the reality shifts invoked by this process may not seem so welcome at the time, however these realities are brought forth by the soul and are part of the soul's journey toward fulfillment. As the process continues, your experience may trigger fears, challenges, lessons, changes and tremendous shifts in your life.

The process is taught in stages and it is important that you experience and master them in the order they are taught. The process was first brought through by Gregory in Vancouver, B.C. and is now being taught in various parts of the world, primarily to teachers who are interested in sharing it with others in order to change and improve their lives. Archangel Michael brought them through in this order for a reason.

This powerful manifestation technique is available as Personal Training Only

Cost for this course is CAD $ 150.00
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Personal Training Only
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