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Refresher Course Packages
If you have already been attuned and do not need or want certification, Reiki -- Teachings from the Heart refresher course packages may be just what you are looking for. Save 50%!
The refresher courses are similar to the schools regular courses with the following differences:

  • All assignments are optional and will not be reviewed if done.
  • No testing.
  • Read Only access to student discussion groups.
  • No Attunement is provided.
  • No Certificate is provided.
  • Only online credit card payments are accepted.

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50% off Regular Package Prices
Level I Refresher Course $50.00 Combined I & II Course $150.00
Level II Refresher Course $100.00 Combined II & III Course $300.00
Level III Refresher Course $225.00 Combined I, II & III Course $350.00
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