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Reiki Online Studies versus Reiki Workshop
Students' comments

I'll have to admit that when I first learned about a Reiki on-line course I was a bit skeptical about how exactly the Reiki energy would be passed along to the students at a distance. I felt as though we'd be missing the personal one on one contact you receive from the Master/Teacher.

After going through Reiki I with Isabelle and all you wonder-filled souls I feel very blessed to have chosen on-line Reiki as opposed to a weekend class.

My fiance and I were discussing this because he took his Reiki classes through a weekend workshop. He's amazed by the support we get through an on-line class. He said, that once he completed his weekend class he never saw any of the students who took the class with him again. He hasn't had contact with his teacher either.

This is not to say that classroom Reiki is less effective. It just seems that after you leave the classroom you're on your own. Not so on Isabelle's site. We are never alone. We are supported with Reiki love & kindness. We are joined together as a Reiki family who support eachother, listen to eachother, share our Reiki experiences with each other and become dear friends. As the circle grows & grows and reaches out into the world so will Reiki.

We are healing ourselves, others and our world. Little by little the circle will grow. With the love and support we give each other, the enormous love and support from Isabelle, and most importantly God's Love we will continue to HEAL!! :-) God must definately be smiling. :-)

I feel very blessed to be a part of all your lives. Thank You for your love and support. Thankyou Isabelle. You are an angel sent from God. We love you!! :-)

May God's Light Shine on Us All      T.D. from Illinois

Dear Everyone,
Within this wonderful support network we are all so good for one another as we learn new things, ponder different ideas and learn from Isabelle's comments to all.

I have been so grateful for Isabelle's ongoing guidance, it has been more like an appreticeship or internship than just an attunement and should be a model for all of us who will ultimately have Reiki3.

As a Reiki III, I have been so impressed with the thorough treatment given to the online materials all the way through. It is so satisfying both spiritually and intellectually and gives a depth of understanding which may not be the norm.

I feel so lucky especially I was just drawn here and didn't make this decision with a wealth of information ahead of time.

Reikilove      S.G. from Atlanta

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