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Violet Flame Reiki

Very little information is available on the origins of Violet Flame Reiki and I will share with you as much as possible.
The symbols for the Violet Flame Reiki have been given to Ivy Moore while she was meditating upon Quan Yin, and wishing to develop better healing skills using Reiki. It was upon chanting QuanYin's mantra that she received approximately forty symbols for this purpose.

She called this Reiki ~Violet Flame~ , and dedicated it to the Lady Quan Yin who gently attuned her to the symbols she had received. This Reiki has a warm compassionate touch, and offers a great healing to both spirit and body when used. It is also good to use over long distances.

Kwan Yin, The Goddess of Mercy (The Goddess of Compassion)
Usui Reiki Level II is a prerequisite to receiving the Violet Flame Reiki.

Violet Fire Reiki has IV levels which can be given separately with a integration time of a few days in between the attunements or all at once (for the student who feels the readiness for receiving all four attunements in one setting).

With the Violet Flame Reiki you will be working very closely with Quan Yin. Quan Yin, as she is known by many Buddhists, is the bodhisattva who refused to ascend as a master, until all of humanity was allowed to leave the wheel of reincarnation, and their tears were healed. She is the compassionate one. Her color is lavender, or a soft shade of St. Germain's Violet Fire. It is a golden violet - the color of healing and protection.

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