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Seraph Rose Aura and her AngelLink

This AngelLink attunement will create a deep and permanent resonant energy connection between you and Rose Aura. Receiving this attunement is like having an unlit candle in your heart brilliantly ignited with an "angelic flame of unconditional love." This "flame" will anchor into your heart space, fully radiate through your energy fields and then ripple out into all areas of your experience. After your attunement, Rose Aura will be working in your "etheric background" as an Angelic Guide to assist you in all matters related to the heart space...such as the expansion of unconditional love of self and others.

A little background...

An extraordinary transformation of humanity and our planet is unfolding now, as a shift into a higher vibrational way of being takes place for all of us. As our collective human consciousness spirals upward, higher Angelic Beings called the Seraphim can now work with humanity more easily than ever before. In many traditional writings, the name Seraphim (plural for Seraph) means "the burning ones". This name represents the fire of love, or the burning love, that the Seraphim hold for Prime Creator.

Long considered the highest level of the Angels, the Seraphim are now stepping forward to assist humans more strongly along our spiritual paths to higher service in the Light. Via our channeling work here at the Lightarian Institute, we have been inspired by the Seraphim to create the AngelLinks, in general, and especially to share the first of the AngelLinks from Seraph Rose Aura.

What recipients are saying about the AngelLinks

"I felt a lot of energy movement... As time went on, I had a bit of random visual imagery that felt more like a clearing out of what appeared to be romantic and relationship related (non-specific) issues. About halfway through, I felt a strengthening of a feeling of love and acceptance. After a bit, I felt an odd and strong sensation in my heart chakra/chest area. As best as I can remember and describe, it was a bit like a thumping and a grinding and somewhat like rocks breaking up... It too felt like a clearing and opening...."     B.P. - Illinois

"Thank you for the AngelLink. So beautiful and your description is quite on point. It had a very solid feel, not airy-fairy...but very anchored in the body and along with the feminine there was also a masculine component... a yin-yang balance."     J.L. - New York

AngelLinks are shared in a few simple steps

Benefits of receiving the Rose Aura AngelLink

The effects of the Rose Aura AngelLink will be cumulative and probably felt most strongly in your heart space. As you more fully integrate the angelic energies of divine unconditional love, the "angelic flame burning brightly in your heart" will begin to radiate into all levels of your chakras and subtle energy bodies. In very palpable ways, profound impacts may be felt within your mental and emotional fields, and ultimately within your physical body. As you begin to operate day-to-day with a higher level of angelic, unconditional love for self and others, your experience of living will become more joyous and loving! And, as you open-heartedly share Rose Aura's AngelLink with others as a facilitator, you will perhaps experience a deeper, richer sense of service in the Light than you may have before.

Fee: US $ 125.00. The fee includes the Rose Aura AngelLink Information Booklet, mailed to recipient in advance of session. Telephone calls are at recipient's expense.

Full payment is due in advance. For money orders: Mail your International Money Order in US Dollar payable to Rev. Isabelle Faith.

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