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The Reiki Center Calgary is dedicated to bringing Reiki to as many people as possible, by presenting Reiki in its simplicity and beauty and showing you, what Reiki can do for you personally. Our training and personal sessions are tailored to bringing you maximum effect with minimum effort within an affordable price range.

Our time is at hand, we have been given the tools to help ourselves. Reiki is one of those tools.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Reiki supports and activates the body's natural capacity to heal itself
  • Reiki vitalizes body, mind and spirit
  • Reiki balances and harmonizes the energy field
  • Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level
    it relieves pain and relaxes
  • Reiki energizes and balances glands & bodily functions & strengthens the immune system
  • Reiki loosens blocked energy
  • Reiki re-establishes spiritual equilibrium
  • Reiki enhances creativity
  • Reiki is beneficial for plants and animals
  • Reiki is an extremely pleasant and gentle holistic method

Who benefits from Reiki

Every person, animal and plant can benefit from Reiki. People from all walks of life, business people, mothers with children, stressed out dad's, policemen, mechanics, veterinarians, students....! Elderly people and children. You don't have to feel sick before you can profit from the benefits of Reiki ! Reiki supports and helps you maintain a general sense of well-being. Essentially Reiki is for personal self-empowerment and spiritual growth. No particular knowledge is necessary to benefit from Reiki. No belief in this or that is required. Reiki is not a religion. No age limit applies.

Reiki is also very beneficial for M.D.'s and other health professionals, like emergency attendants, physiotherapists, etc.

How others have experienced Reiki

Once Reiki graces your life and heart, you are never the same! It's been said, I've read it, and I'm finding out for myself first hand that it's true.

What a great difference Reiki is making in my life! Thank you
R.W. Switzerland

You and Reiki have blessed my life more than words can express.
R.T. Canada

Thank you so much for opening my life to the Reiki energies, guides and experience...it is still working within me...slowly changing me... moving me towards spiritual growth and opening gates on my life path... I am very, very grateful

I very much thank God for the balance that Reiki has brought into my life!
L.M. France

.....in a lot of cases I've found that the Reiki definitely helps the injury heal faster..... Deb (recent Reiki II graduate who loved Isabelle's on-line classes!)

Reiki is the best thing ever to happen to our family and my heart is filled to overflowing with love and gratitude for the newfound Light that seems to be part of everyone - the Generational Family Healing envisioned is a Reality
J.W. Canada

Where can I get a Reiki session ?

Lightarian ReikiTM sessions only.
Phone: 403-477-9143
or write to Reiki Center Calgary If you are interested in taking Reiki Training for yourself, to help yourself and your loved ones click here
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