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The Reiki Center Calgary offers Reiki training from level I through level III/Master in English, German and French:

Personal Reiki Training in Calgary AB
Distant Reiki Training via Online Academy Teachings from the Heart TM

All the students of Teachings from the HeartTM are continuously supported by their teacher beyond completion of their Reiki training.

Reiki Level I

This class teaches the basics of Reiki, it's uses, effects and workings. Upon receiving your attunement your connection with the Reiki source will be greatly enhanced. The class contains a introduction to the origins and the history of Reiki. Most importantly though, the emphasis of the first level is on Self-love, Self-acceptance and Self-healing. You will learn how to use Reiki in your everyday life and hand positions are thoroughly explained and shown. This will give you the security you need to share Reiki with family members, relatives and friends. There is lots of practice time in every class. Upon completion of this class you are a certified Reiki I practitioner.

Reiki Level II

Introduction of the meaning and uses of the Reiki symbols. You will receive clear instructions on how to draw the Reiki symbols. In this class you learn various techniques for distance healing and remote energy work including the use of Reiki for life situations, relationships and much more. You will have lots of practice opportunities. The second Reiki attunement will again considerably increase your connection to the Reiki Source and stimulate your intuition. With level II you are diving deeper into the Reiki world - you are discovering your potential! Upon completion of this class you are a certified Reiki II practitioner.

Reiki Level III/Master

Master class in Enghien les Bains/Paris, France 1999 This class teaches the Reiki Master Symbols, their meaning and uses. The master attunement connects you to the full flow of the Reiki Source and stimulates you to connect with your Higher Self. You will receive thorough training for passing on the Reiki attunements to others with lots of practice time. Reiki III emphasizes on mastership. You will deeply embark on your spiritual journey. Rather than an end, the Master Level is a new beginning and you will be propelled to new levels of awareness. As you begin to work and integrate the teachings of Level III you will notice that a heightened vibration level brings with it a greater responsibility towards self and others. Being of service in the light, you will joyously take charge of your life and accept responsibility for all that is happening in your life. You will be given tools to grow and expand in your personal mastership. Upon completion of this class you are a certified Reiki Master, ready to teach.

Personal Reiki Training in Calgary see Reiki Training Schedule

Online Reiki Training

The Online School is well established and in it's 4th year. Online training gives you the advantage to work at your own pace over and extended period of time while receiving ongoing student support in direct communication with your teacher. This support is granted beyond your training. You are never alone. All materials are presented online with links to various other sites, book suggestions, animated images and quizzes. An online forum for all students connects you with students from all over the world. A few assignments for every level are required.

Read what students say about the Online School

I have been so grateful for Isabelle's ongoing guidance, it has been more like an apprenticeship or internship than just an attunement and should be a model for all of us who will ultimately have Reiki3.

As a Reiki III, I have been so impressed with the thorough treatment given to the online materials all the way through. It is so satisfying both spiritually and intellectually and gives a depth of understanding which may not be the norm.
S.G. Atlanta

Thank you for your wonderful loving encouragement and for sharing this gift with me. Definitely a life changing experience. You're such a blessing to me, Isabelle! God's wisdom
just flows through your responses. I feel very proud to have
such a wonderful, loving teacher as you.... Thank you.
D.T. Illinois

The online study material you have on Usui Reiki and Karuna is outstanding, absolutely wonderful pages. Easy to understand too. Thank you
K.L. Canada

All attunements within the Online School are done remotely.

Read how students experienced their remote attunement

I received my attunement last night. I was relaxed, laying down, my usual position. Then I felt my crown chakra open and after a moment of vibration, I felt a wave of energy run through me, and my hands felt like the energy was moving back and forth on my palms. Then suddenly I felt like a whoosh :) It was as if my entire body was filled with an electrical current, it was incredible. I don't know how long it lasted but it felt like at least a couple minutes of the strongest vibrational energy I have ever experienced. It was really something. Then it slowly went down and I felt very relaxed and at peace. Then my hands felt as if there was energy coming from the palms, vibrating. Now they feel a bit hot, like if I had some kind of chemical on them, burning, but not to the point of feeling pain, just sort of tingly and hot, a little irritated like they are burned, sort of.

That was what happened last night. This morning I feel so full of energy, but relaxed at the same time, it is a very different morning from the usual. C.A. USA

Friday night was wonderful! I just settled down and relaxed and the attunement went wonderfully! At one point I started to feel a bit of pressure on the back of my eyes and then I could feel a vibration running through my body. Shortly after that I was washed over with such a feeling of joy and love that rolled down my body starting from my crown in waves. At that point I opened my eyes and said a thank you to you for being such a wonderful person :-)
R.T. Canada

Fees & Payment Options

Reiki Level I
Reiki Level II
Reiki Level III
$ 160.00
$ 240.00
$ 580.00

If you are interested in getting started, please contact:

Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.
Email: reikifire@shaw.ca
(Phone: (403) 477-9143

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Arranging for Payment:
Full payment is due in advance and can be made via check, money order or major Credit Card.

Check/money order payment should be made payable to Rev. Isabelle Faith and mailed the address below. For international students, please provide bank check or international money order payable in US Funds.

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Rev. Isabelle Faith D.D.
Calgary, Alberta

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