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Invocation to the Water

Just like giving Reiki to your water you can say the Invocation to the Water to the water as well. Use the Invocation to the Water for your body/cells (not only when you feel unbalanced). You can also tape the Invocation to Water taped to your water jug. This gives you pure and blessed water at all times. Bless every drop of water you are using, when you shower, brush your teeth, do the dishes, wash your veggies and fruit, watering your flowers or lawn etc.

I take this, the water of life
And I declare it the water of light
As I bring it within my body
It allows my body to glow
I take this water of light
And I declare it the water of God
I am the master in all I do
And in all that I AM.

Water crystal after being exposed to prayer. From Masaru Emoto' book: Messages from Water

In his book The Messages of Water Masaru Emoto brings forth that our water has consciousness and responds to thoughts, words, emotions and intentions. If you consider, that our bodies consist of 70% water at birth (that percentage remains high throughout our life) and that our earth surface is 70% water you can begin to imagine what powerful message Masaru Emoto's discovery carries. Throughout the book you will find most amazing images. Have a close look at how the water responds to various words and emotions and what stunning differences are shown in water crystals of polluted water and water crystals of polluted water that has been exposed to prayer.

If you were ever in doubt about the impacts of belief, intentions, thoughts and the spoken word on your world and your being, Masaru Emoto's book will change your outlook forever.

The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves

Most of the times we cannot see the immediate results of our prayers and affirmations, and we start to doubt. Through Masaru Emoto's amazing discovery we realize that having thoughts of doubt or failure effects everything that surrounds us. Maybe we can now begin to consider, that even if immediate results are not visible to the physical eye, they are there. When we love our own bodies, they respond. When we send our love to the Earth, she responds. We can heal the body of our Mother Earth and ourselves. We can recreate the pristine, clear world though the inner work of of your own loving mind and heart.


Love and Thanks to Water - The Water Project

Global Event, July 24, 2005: "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water".

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